Terms and Conditions

First: Definitions

The following terms and words, wherever mentioned in the document, shall mean the meanings indicated against each of them unless the context requires otherwise:

  • Document: the terms and Conditions document for using the platform.
  • Ministry: Ministry of human resources and social development.
  • Authority: General Authority of Awqaf.
  • Platform: a website that enables the user to support the implementation of one or more projects or programs offered by the beneficiary.
  • The owner of the platform: the authority.
  • Beneficiary entity: any legal entity established in accordance with the kingdom's regulations, and licensed to collect donations, or establish Awqaf by collecting donations.
  • User: any natural person or legal entity that creates an account in the platform to benefit from its services.

Second: the Introduction

  • This document is considered the basic charter for the use of this platform, and it must be read and approved of what is stated in it to benefit from the services provided in the platform.
  • This preface is considered an integral part of the document and a product of its effects.
  • Authority: General Authority of Awqaf.
  • This document and its clauses represent the entire agreement between the platform owner, the user, and the beneficiary.
  • The platform is owned by the authority, through which it aims to display, market, and publish the programs and projects of the beneficiary wishing to limit himself to support from the user.
  • All programs and projects included in the platform are subject to the qualification requirements of the platform owner, and the beneficiary is responsible to the user for everything related to its own programs and projects.

Third: Obligations and Declarations of Users

  • The user acknowledges that he has the full eligibility considered legitimate and orderly, and there are no legitimate or systemic contraindications to eligibility.
  • The user acknowledges that the amounts provided through the platform were on his own property without being disputed or shared by anyone, that they were not collected from illegal and regular sources, and that he is responsible to the beneficiary and other relevant parties in case it is proved otherwise in accordance with the regulations in force in the kingdom
  • The user acknowledges the following:
    1. To ensure that the data and information provided by him are correct and valid.
    2. To provide all the information, data, and documents requested by the platform owner at any time.
    3. To limit the use of the platform personally and for the purpose for which the platform was found, and not to seek any material benefit from the use without obtaining the express consent of the owner of the platform.
    4. He undertakes to protect the password and any other login data and to ensure that the user account is protected at all times from illegal access, misuse or damage by third parties.
    5. To communicate through the support channels of the platform immediately upon learning of the illegal use of the user account and login data or their illegal use.
    6. To comply with this document and any other regulations issued by the platform owner regarding the use.
    7. Not to make any illegal, abusive, or harmful use of others or seek to do any of the above.
    8. Refrain from creating fake accounts.
    9. The possibility of invoking this legislation-and this document - directly against it, whether by the owner of the platform, any other user, the beneficiary, stakeholders, or their commissioners.

Fourth: The Rights of Users

  • The user writes his comment on the programs and projects offered in the platform without the slightest responsibility on the platform owner.
  • After completing the support process, the user has the right to obtain proof of his support from the beneficiaries.
  • The user has the right to receive periodic reports on programs and projects from the beneficiary for whom the support was provided.

Fifth: Obligations and Responsibility of the Beneficiary

  • The beneficiary must be officially registered in accordance with the regulations in force in the kingdom.
  • All programs and projects provided by the beneficiary through the platform must meet all the legal requirements and requirements in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.
  • Meet the qualification requirements necessary to register the beneficiary entity in the platform, as well as the necessary to list its projects or programs, as decided by the ministry, the authority, or the owner of the platform from time to time.
  • The beneficiary entity must provide the platform owner or the authority at any time with all the documents, data, information, or any update that it requests.
  • The beneficiary agrees to grant the owner of the platform or his authorized representative the right to display, market, and facilitate projects and programs through the platform and its affiliated marketing means.
  • Each beneficiary entity is fully responsible for its projects, programs, and what they contain, and is responsible for implementing them and submitting periodic reports on them on the platform, as determined by the platform owner. It is up to the platform owner to determine the elements of these reports.
  • The beneficiary is obliged to return all the amounts collected to the owner of the platform for one of its programs or projects listed on the platform in the event that it proves that it is unable to complete the program or project for any reason.
  • The beneficiary is obliged to disclose to the platform owner Any amounts collected from outside the platform for the benefit of programs and projects listed on the platform.
  • The beneficiary shall comply with the refund mechanism specified by the platform owner.
  • The amounts collected through user support are transferred to the beneficiary and the platform owner does not have any responsibility after the beneficiary receives the amounts provided by the user.
  • The beneficiary is fully responsible to the user and any other party for any use or misuse of the amounts provided to it through the platform.
  • The beneficiary is responsible for the fair use of the platform and taking the necessary care to prevent damage and is not entitled to the following:
    1. A. Use this website to send unsolicited or annoying emails to people who do not want to receive emails or any form of notification from the beneficiary.
    2. P. Use the site for marketing purposes for individuals or other third-party issues related to targeted programs and projects.
    3. C. Use the site to conduct, view or redirect surveys or pyramid schemes.
    4. Dr. Use this site to conduct or offer draws or contests unless they have obtained a license from the competent authority and permission from the owner of the platform in compliance with all applicable regulations.
    5. E. Disable the service, services, or networks connected to the service and introduce any virus (including any variant or similar malicious code or put Drain programs) to the platform systems.

Sixth: The Rights of the Platform Owner

    The owner of the platform has the right to
  • Closing or freezing the account of the beneficiary who is late in filing reports or disclosing the fate of the amounts collected through the platform after the platform notifies her.
  • Charging a financial fee to the beneficiary for the operation of the platform or marketing of programs and projects from the amounts collected for these programs and projects.
  • The owner is not considered a partner or guarantor of the user or the beneficiary and is not responsible in any legal way to the user or the beneficiary for any action, omission from action, or transaction between the parties under any existing "arrangement" between them.
  • The right to amend and/ or replace these terms and conditions from time to time and the amendments and/or replacements shall be effective from the date of their posting on the platform by the platform owner.
  • Benefit from the information related to the beneficiary and the user, and in general any information or data provided on the platform when creating the account, and available for the benefit of the platform owner for free, including also contact data, and the platform owner has the right to exchange these data with third parties or made available to them for a fee or free of charge.
  • The owner of the platform may, by his sole decision, (1) modify any part of the site or the services provided through it at any time and (2) publish announcements/circulars regarding the modifications that the owner deems appropriate.

Seventh: Limitations of the Platform Owner's Liability

  • Nothing in this document shall exclude or limit the platform owner's liability to hold accountable any user who has caused damage as a result of negligence, fraud, or any other liability.
  • The owner of the platform does not guarantee any malfunctions in the services provided through the platform for any reason beyond the will.
  • The owner of the platform does not guarantee any loss or damage caused by uncontrollable matters.
  • The owner of the platform has the right to delegate any of his rights and obligations under this document in any way he sees without the consent of the user or the beneficiary.

Eighth: Refund policy

  • The refund policy is subject to the official laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in a manner that does not conflict with any procedures or regulations approved by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) and the General Authority for Awqaf.
  • The refund process of the donation can be submitted within a period not exceeding 3 days from the date of the donation.
  • The application must be submitted through the specified form on the (Contact Us) page.
  • If the donation process was made directly through the Waqfy platform (waqfy.sa), the refund request will be processed within a period not exceeding 20 working days.
  • If the refund request requires the provision of supporting documents, we will communicate via the e-mail registered in the refund request to provide the legal and regulatory documents for the donation process. If the donor is late or does not respond for more than 3 days from the date of communication, the request will be ignored and closed.
  • If the donation was made via credit cards (for example: Visa, Masteracard, American Express, etc.), some administrative fees related to recovery procedures may be deducted from the total amount of the donation.

Ninth: General Provisions for the Use

  • This document does not cancel or change any special agreements between the beneficiary or the user on the one hand and the authority or the ministry on the other.
  • In case the user or the beneficiary violates any of the provisions of this document, the platform owner reserves the right to cancel the violator's membership and delete any of his pages on the platform without notice, and the right to initiate any legal procedures that may result from the violation, including filing a lawsuit against the violator.
  • The owner of the platform is not in any way a party to any "contracts" and any statement contained on the platform does not represent a consultation or opinion (whether legal or otherwise), recommendation, or incentive to enter into any "contracts" or perform any legal transaction, and the user must perform what he deems necessary due diligence to ensure the identity, ability, possibility, and solvency of civil associations and institutions, compatibility of the service provided with the user's needs, and other practical considerations that concern the user, and the owner is not responsible for any breach of "contracts" or any dispute between the parties, such as fraud, false statement or cheating or something.
  • The owner of the platform does not provide any form of warranty or guarantee-either express or implied - in everything related to the use of the platform or dealing with users.
  • The owner of the platform shall not be liable in any way for any loss or damage incurred by the user as a result of the use, including indirect data and information losses or any other type of loss.
  • The platform and the pages linked to it contain links to other websites, including the websites of the beneficiaries, and this does not indicate or indicate that the platform endorses the content of these links, its opinions, or what is contained in them.
  • All contents of the platform are owned by the authority, or other original content providers, and are protected by applicable intellectual property rights and property rights in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • You must at all times use the platform and its associated services in a responsible and legal manner and ensure that the content provided does not violate any proprietary or intellectual rights of a third party or violate any right of a third party in particular, for example, including:-
    1. The beneficiary and the user must ensure that the information provided through the platform is accurate, correct, and not misleading.
    2. The platform owner has the right to remove or modify any content on the platform that it deems inappropriate and without notice.
    3. The beneficiary or the user has no right to infringe the property rights in any content in any form, and the owner of the platform has the right to remove any content at his discretion and without notice.