A secure crowdfunding platform under the supervision of the General Authority of Endowments that aims to stimulate community participation in the endowment field, and provides the opportunity to partially or fully contribute to supporting projects and funding them digitally through secure payment options.


A package of endowment and development products and projects for non-profit entities is presented to enable various community groups and donors to contribute to their support to contribute to development and meet development needs and priorities.



  • Involve all segments of Society in supporting endowment and development projects.
  • Enhancing community participation by contributing to the support of endowment and innovative development products.
  • Providing a secure platform that enhances the transparency of support and measuring its impact.
  • Enhancing the role of Endowments in development and social solidarity.
  • Achieving financial sustainability of the non-profit sector and meeting development needs
  • Facilitate grant processes for those wishing to contribute in accordance with a stimulating organizational environment.


  • Activating the role of Endowments in development and directing support to sustainable development projects.
  • Empowering the sons and daughters of the beneficiary groups and developing their abilities.
  • Creating a reliable and unified platform for presenting projects and initiatives of non-profit endowment entities.
  • Spreading the spirit of competition between the entities to put forward innovative and quality projects that touch on the needs and priorities of Society.
  • Promoting the concept of partnership and integration between various sectors and related entities.
  • Reaching as many entities, Regions, and beneficiaries as possible through the platform.
  • Measuring the impact of projects and presenting the impact of support on target groups.


Suspension of benefits

Endowment funds

Financing and investment